About Vision Mission Utility
No single renewable energy source is the right answer for every application.
SE is capable to design, develop, and operate:
1-Solar Farms;
2-Wind Farms; for windy areas, there is room for wind turbines. This can be a powerful
and profitable answer. Wind is a resource that arrives free of charge and leaves no
complicated or harmful byproducts in its wake. It can generate power for you
around the clock, every day of the year, even during the night!

The next generation of solar cells will be small. About the size of lint. But the anticipated impact: That’s huge.

Some of these emerging electricity-generating cells could be embedded in windows without obscuring the view. Engineers envision incorporating slightly larger ones into resins that would be molded onto the tops of cars or maybe the roofs of buildings. One team of materials scientists is developing microcells that could be rubber-stamped by the millions onto a yard of fabric. When such cells shrink in size — but not efficiency — it becomes hard to imagine what they couldn’t electrify.