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To Solar for your home makes sense !
Homes have been built to use the sun's
rays to warm them in the winter. People and companies have used solar
water-heating systems. Others used solar panels and wind turbines.

Make a difference; choose natural energy :
A new Green generation is here. This is your opportunity to add green energy to
your home or business.
Use your power to make a positive difference –Now for Future Generations.

The next generation of solar cells will be small. About the size of lint. But the anticipated impact: That’s huge.

Some of these emerging electricity-generating cells could be embedded in windows without obscuring the view. Engineers envision incorporating slightly larger ones into resins that would be molded onto the tops of cars or maybe the roofs of buildings. One team of materials scientists is developing microcells that could be rubber-stamped by the millions onto a yard of fabric. When such cells shrink in size — but not efficiency — it becomes hard to imagine what they couldn’t electrify.