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To Solar for your home makes sense !
Homes have been built to use the sun's
rays to warm them in the winter. People and companies have used solar
water-heating systems. Others used solar panels and wind turbines.

Make a difference; choose natural energy :
A new Green generation is here. This is your opportunity to add green energy to
your home or business.
Use your power to make a positive difference –Now for Future Generations.

New Solar Panel Technology Stylish and Sustainable

The new cell technology combines nanoparticles and organic dyes that can be produced in any number of colors and designs.

The key component of the new modules is an organic dye which in combination with nanoparticles converts sunlight into electricity. Due to the small size of the nanoparticles, the modules are semi-transparent. This aspect makes them well suited for façade integration. The new solar cells are being developed by members of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, who will be presenting their new technology in Tokyo at Nanotech 2008, the world’s largest trade fair for nanotechnology.